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Football - Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Who is eligible to play football?
A:  All participants who meet the age/requirements. The Pop Warner league we play in is an unlimited weight division that is. It is recommended that all players play at the lowest level possible.

Q:  Do I have to live in Bethel to join BYF&CC?
A:  No, football is open to all Bethel residents. Pop Warner has recruiting zones. Please check with a board member for further details.

Q:  What determines which team my child will participate in?
A:  Team placement is determined primarily based on age. There are certain teams that an athlete can be eligible for.

Q:  What organization is Bethel football & cheer associated with?
A:  Bethel is part of Northern CT Pop Warner. We are also operating under the Pop Warner Little Scholars national organization.

Q: What is U6 Flag Football?

A: U6 Flag Football is a first year program for Bethel Youth Football & Competitive Cheer. It is for children who are ages 5 & 6 before July 31st to compete in a non-contact flag football league. Flag Football practices will be on Mondays & Thursdays from 5:30-7pm at Berry School. The practice schedule for flag is TBD once the school year begins. The game schedule for flag has not been released yet and will be made available once finalized. Players will be provided with jerseys, game socks, and flags, the only equipment you will be responsible for are football cleats and black shorts.

Q:  What is the time committment to play youth football?
A:   In order to ensure player's safety, a significant amount of practice time is required to play football. Bethel Wildcats football practice begins the first Monday in August. Practices are held Monday through Friday, in the evenings during August. Practices start at 5:30 pm and will end at 8 pm.  Practice in August is paramount to how a team develops physically and mentally. It is also vital in terms of its personnel being evaluated by the coaching staff. Therefore, players are expected to be at every August practice. However, we recognize that this is also a time of year when many families vacation. Please be sure that both you and your child understand that if a few days or a week of practice is missed your child will fall behind the rest of the team. All practices missed during the first two weeks must be made up as we have specific requirements to meet. Once school starts, practices are usually three nights per week with all games being played on the weekend. We are required to play in all scheduled contests per our league rules. If your child's team progresses to playoffs, practices and games will continue into the month of November.

Q:  Where are practices and games held?
A:  Practices take place at the Berry School field.  Home games take place at the Rockwell School field (Wildcat field).  Away games will depend on who your team is scheduled against.  Visit the Northern CT Pop Warner  link contained under "Links" to see possible opponents.

Q:  What is the deadline to register?
A:  In 2017 registrations will be accepted until August 15th, unless a special circumstance exists and approval is granted by the Bethel youth football & cheer board. Early registration is encouraged as teams sizes are limited and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.  In addition, in order to coordinate and schedule games properly, team sizes need to be determined by late June/early July.

Q:  Do I have to buy equipment?
A:  Bethel youth football supplies each football player a helmet, shoulder pads, game socks, mouthguard, girdle pads and practice and game uniforms. You will be responsible for supplying the other necessary items. These items include a cup, girdle, rib pads (if desired), and football cleats. Other optional items include arm pads, receiving gloves, equipment bag, etc.        

Feel free to contact any board member with questions or attend one of our monthly meetings.